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Hi! My name is Will Murray. Welcome to my home page on the Internet. I started designing pages professionally for the Internet before the first graphical Web browser, NCSA Mosaic, was developed. Once Mosaic arrived, the Web quickly turned graphical, and personal home pages became all the rage for college students around the world. Today, personal home pages have been replaced largely by social network sites, like Facebook and MySpace. This site serves as a homage to the home pages of the past, as well as a resource for linking to my various online accounts.

Looking for a different Will Murray? Doc Savage author, Canadian politician, U.S. conservationist, U.K. road safety specialist

I started using the alias "Willscrlt™" as my screen name as a charter member of America Online, and later as my online nickname on several dial-up bulletin board systems (BBSes) starting in 1988. I loved reading the tales of Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, and the other Merry Men when I was a child. I came up with the alias by combining my real name, "Will Murray" and the Robin Hood character's name, along with my reddish hair and a deliberate misspelling to keep things short.

While I have been very fortunate to be able to register the alias "Willscrlt" on most sites, I am not the only "Willscrlt" to be found on the Internet. The largest site I am aware of where this is the case is aol.com. Since "Willscrlt™" is my trademark, I am trying to resolve this problem to avoid confusion and identity problems.

I'm the Willscrlt with a real name of Will Murray from Sacramento, California, usually with a profile photo that matches the one shown above. To absolutely verify that a particular Willscrlt is me, check the site links below to see if there is a match. If not, you may have found an imposter. I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

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