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Hi. I am easy to find across the Internet as "Willscrlt". It is my personal trademark. Just make sure that you spell my name correctly. It is "Will Scarlet", all run together as a single word, with the vowels removed from "scarlet" (so, "scrlt"). Also, to avoid confusion, I often list my name as "Will Murray (Willscrlt)" to make things perfectly clear.

The personal sites linked from this page are mine and are under my control. Unless they are identified as "organizational accounts", the content that I place on these sites are my own work and the opinions expressed are my own personal opinions. Conversely, organizational accounts may have additional contributors, and the organization's opinions may not reflect my own opinions even if I collaborate on the site.

Please note that there are at least a few sites out there where the Willscrlt trademark was not available (maybe they were created by me a really long time ago and I forgot my credentials?), so Willscrlt is not guaranteed to be me, but it usually is.

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My Personal Website

Interested in hiring or contracting me? Want to learn more about me? This is the place to do that!

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My Art Gallery

I love to create art. Here you can view many of my photos, drawings, paintings, and digital works.

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My Personal Blog

I am a sporadic blogger, sometimes going months without updates, but when I do blog something, here's where you'll find it.

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My Travel Site

Under Construction.
I love travelling, but since the 2020 pandemic, I have not been able to do much.

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